The military has the most demanding thermal management requirements of any industry, including the broadest operating temperature ranges (-40°C to +60°C) and the most stringent reliability requirements.

These requirements drive a number of engineering complications in which our engineers are experienced, including shock and vibration, dust tolerance, salt fog, etc. Keeping military electronics under their maximum operating temperature within these challenging environments is often a key design requirement for our customers.


ACT specializes in the design, qualification, and manufacturing of full thermal solution systems for both the military soldier, on and off the field as well as the military systems technology they require for mission success. ACT custom engineers ruggedized thermal solutions for military electronics including, UAV system cooling, robotic system cooling, radar system cooling, telecom and Milcom system cooling, Satcom system cooling, and embedded computing cooling for both terrestrial and space applications. ACT also engineers ruggedized custom military-grade HVAC solutions for shelter systems and other industrial applications.

Related Applications:

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc (ACT) is a leader in the development and production of leading-edge thermal management solutions. These solutions include air-cooled heat sinks, heat pipe heat sinks, and both single-phase and pumped two-phase liquid-cooled solutions. In addition to designing and manufacturing thermal solutions for many military applications, ACT is also a trusted leader in thermal research and development for the military.

-Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Engineering Fellow

Whether it’s shipboard radars for the Navy, directed energy weapons for the Army, or cooling on the Air Force’s Joint Strike Fighter, ACT has the thermal management experience and thermal technology portfolio required to tackle the challenge.

Below are examples of the types of products we’ve delivered to the military market. Click on any of the product photos to learn more! You can also see our webinar on Thermal Design in Military Embedded Computing Applications

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