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ACT’s facility in Lancaster, Pennsylvania has been growing in size and capability ever since the company’s inception in 2003. It currently occupies more than 83,000 square feet (7,710 square meters ) within Burle Business Park, consisting of manufacturing, laboratory, and office spaces. Further expansion is planned to accommodate the growth in our various business areas.

ACT’s manufacturing operation is configured for quick prototyping and production of diverse and custom-designed thermal products including heat pipes, heat exchangers and cold plates. Check out ACT’s quality system certifications and our customer service commitment on the ACT Quality and Customer Testimonials pages.  Our heat pipe production facility is among the most versatile in the industry, currently having the capacity to simultaneously produce the following heat pipe products at the specified annual quantities:

  • Copper/water heat pipes: Up to 500,000 units, of custom designs.
  • Aluminum/ammonia heat pipes (flight grade): Up to 1,000 units, of custom designs.
  • Liquid metal heat pipes: Up to 250 units, of custom designs.

These quantities can be readily scaled up to meet customers’ demands, by adding additional personnel and/or equipment.

The production and engineering personnel in our manufacturing operation are highly skilled and quality-focused, capable of quickly building one-of-a-kind prototype hardware, seamlessly transitioning to production, and efficiently executing the production. State of the art quality assurance and testing facilities are in place to support the manufacturing operation.

In-House Dimensional Inspection Tool

Examples of  product testing facilities include:

  • Environmental chambers for temperature cycle testing
  • Thermo-vacuum chambers for spacecraft product testing
  • Temperature and humidity controlled wind tunnels for heat exchanger testing to AHRI standards

Examples of additional supporting infrastructure include U.S. DOT/FAA certified personnel and procedures for shipping products containing special materials, U.S. DOS registered procedures for controlling ITAR related manufacturing articles, and U.S. DCAA audited accounting system for recording and controlling manufacturing costs.

ACT’s product development and R&D laboratories are staffed with highly skilled technicians who work closely with the development engineers on diverse technology and product development projects for commercial and government customers as well as ACT’s internal needs. The laboratories are equipped with state of the art instrumentation and equipment for fabricating and testing thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical devices across extremely broad spectra of dimensions, temperatures, pressures, heat fluxes, and power densities. The following are just a few examples of the laboratories’ capabilities:

  • Assortment of single and multi phase flow heat transfer test apparatus capable of testing diverse fluids, including water, ammonia, various refrigerants, alkali metals, and nanofluids under high heat fluxes, extreme temperatures and other conditions.
  • Porosity, permeability and pore diameter measurement facility for metal wicks and woven fabrics.
  • Transient hot wire apparatus for liquid, gas and multi-phase fluid thermal conductivity measurement to ±5% accuracy.
  • Gas chromatography system capable of measuring multiple gas species down to 1ppm level.
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy instrument capable of measuring corrosion behaviors to ±0.2% accuracy.
  • High speed data acquisition system capable of providing a 1MHz sampling rate at a 16-bit resolution.

The office area houses the engineering and administration staff. The administration staff, also known internally as the A-Team, supports the company’s operation in the critical areas of human resources, financial accounting, contract administration and general administration. ACT’s engineering staff consists of personnel with extensive experiences and training in various engineering and scientific fields. Many of them have advanced degrees in mechanical, materials, chemical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering. Some of them are internationally recognized experts in their professional areas. This staff is supported by state of the art engineering design, analysis and computing facilities including CFD, FEA and CAD workstations and a small scale supercomputer with multiple processors and hyper-threading capabilities. In addition, ACT’s engineers have access to several U.S. government supercomputing networks. In a current example, ACT’s engineers utilized NASA’s supercomputing resources to perform Accelerated Molecular Dynamics investigations for understanding and improving the fidelity of ablative materials to be used on next generation thermal protection systems for re-entering the earth’s atmosphere at high speed.

New ACT Expansion

ACT’s facility is a direct reflection of our people’s characteristics: Innovative, Team Oriented, and Customer Focused. These characteristics will continue to enable the growth of our company’s facility and capability to serve our customers’ increasing needs.

To find out more about our facility, or to schedule a personal tour specific to your project needs, please contact us.

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