The team at Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) is celebrating the significant milestone of 25 Million Hours of flawless flights for our Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHPs).  ACT’s CCHPs have been providing reliable thermal management to orbiting satellites for many years, including the International Space Station and powerful NASA Weather Satellites.

Our CCHPs have provided mission critical cooling for over 30 satellites, providing services to nearly every continent on Earth. Unknowingly, individuals around the world are enabled by ACT products through these satellite service providers. ACT’s onboard satellites provide consumers with internet, TV, radio, satellite imaging and up to date weather reports. We’re proud to work with our satellite integration partners and play our small role in bringing these features to a global customer base.

CCHPs are only a part of ACT’s portfolio of aerospace products.  Our innovative team of engineers has developed and deployed accumulators to compensate for liquid volumetric changes in earth and space environments, and have successfully tested our copper/water heat pipes in space too!  Today we are announcing a new patent that combines our conventional CCHP and copper/water heat pipes to deliver even better thermal management performance!  With our customers, we are committed to developing more advanced Spacecraft Thermal Management solutions, which we’ll continue to share with you as we eagerly approach the 50 Million Hour mark.

We just have to say it – our Aerospace Products are Out of This World!

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