“What are heat pipes and how are you using them for energy recovery?” It’s a question we heard a lot yesterday, often voiced with some skepticism.

Questions were quickly answered with a show of ACT’s Passive Energy Recovery demo unit. The original heat pipe concept was developed in the 1960’s and is now in standard use in electronics all around the world. ACT has experience designing and manufacturing several variations of heat pipes, which are used across many industries. For the HVAC industry, heat pipes are used for energy recovery to create a maintenance free, passive operation that creates efficiencies for the AHU, often saving enough energy that most systems have a payback period of only 2 years! Our Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers can be fitted to new or existing HVAC systems, onsite or in the factory and with the green energy push in the last few years, ACT’s HVAC technology makes it easy to meet new building requirements.

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