Customer Testimonials

Here’s a sample of what our customers are saying…

"Great to work with. Always available to help, answer questions, provide status. The ACT team was always extremely responsive to questions and concerns throughout the design and build phases of our project. We had some issues with low yield, but the ACT team was able to solve them without losing too much time in schedule"
- Defense Customer

"ACT was committed to listening to and meeting our needs at all stages of the order. We appreciated the regular communication and the effort that ACT made to deliver our order ahead of schedule when requested. ACT worked hard to accelerate the timeline to deliver our order upon our request. They absolutely exceeded all of our expectations, especially with regards to timeliness. I am incredibly impressed with ACT, and I hope to work with them again in the future"
- University Customer

"ACT envisioned a delay and communicated properly way ahead of time. That kept the project-related activities on schedule. Quality of product is professional level. Very satisfied to work with ACT and hope to work more on upcoming projects."
- Electronics Customer

"ACT's technical knowledge in electronics cooling, product portfolio and delivery schedule is highly impressive. Communication was crisp, clear, timely and responsive to changing requirements during the program. Perfect score."
- Electronics Customer

"Best performance and construction in the industry. ACT was very active in the resolution of any issues. "
- HVAC Customer

"This is our second project with ACT and they continue to deliver what we need. Even if there are set backs in the schedule they are upfront and responsive to our needs. "
- LED Customer

"The quality of the aluminum welds was exceptional. "
- Aerospace Customer

"I must say that throughout the trials and tribulations of developing this product, (undoubtedly the single most difficult challenge I have had), your product has behaved perfectly, both mechanically and thermally. The fact that I can obtain [our specification] is a testament to the quality of the product which is still working perfectly after 2-3 years of regular use. I am very proud of our association and thankful for the cooperation we have always enjoyed"
- IFL Customer

"I’ve always been impressed with your team at ACT. From the initial study phase, the lessons learned during the prototype build, and through the delivery of the redesigned EB-welded units, I’ve appreciated the responsiveness, flexibility and professionalism that the ACT team you all have displayed throughout. Not to mention your technical expertise – the units are performing as predicted and our equipment is operating happily!"
- PCM Heat Sink Customer

"Everyone is incredibly pleased with what this project has done and where this project is going. So a big thanks to you and your team."
- Operations Engineer, Mustang Technology

"ACT is meeting all of our needs as well as suggesting alternatives that would better suit our application. All status reports were well-written and illustrated. They were non-redundant and straight to the point. Overall, ACT has so far provided excellent service and professionalism. The personnel has been very easy to work with. "
- Engineer, Industrial Furnace Manufacturer

"The technical interchange between teams was excellent. I believe it enabled the larger team (ACT & our company) to achieve more than either acting alone."
- Engineer, Major Military Supplier

"We are satisfied with ACT’s performance in this SBIR project and look forward to the success with the Phase II effort. The interaction with those capable and competent scientists and engineers at ACT, together with the accomplishments they have achieved, will pave the way for our future collaboration in the relevant technical fields that will help our military organization to advance its technology enabled capabilities. "
- Military Researcher

"Very fast production time and delivery."
- University Researcher

"We have continued to be impressed with the quick responses, and we do not hear, “No way we can do that…”"
- Engineer, Computing Industry

"The thermal performance of the prototype exceeded the design analysis predictions, which is undoubtedly due in some part to the quality and performance of the heat pipes made for us by ACT. We would very happily purchase products from ACT in the future."
- Major University Researcher

"Engineering support is awesome."
- Engineer at Major Power Equipment Manufacturer

"Communication was always prompt and thorough. It was easy to get in touch with ACT and I never had issues following discussions or recommendations made by ACT."
- Engineer at Major Fortune 500 Company

"Excellent communication from quoting, order entry, engineering, quality and shipping. Expedited orders when needed (which has been every order!)"
- Purchasing Agent, Medical Device Supplier

"The thermal performance of the prototype exceeded the design analysis predictions, which is undoubtedly due in some part to the quality and performance of the heat pipes made for us by ACT. We would very happily purchase products from ACT in the future."
- Major University Researcher

"It was again a pleasure to work with ACT"
- Major Aviation/Aerospace Manufacturer

"ACT's service was excellent as always. It was a pleasure to work with you and would consider working with you again"
- Fortune 500 Consumer Electronics Company

"ACT was very responsive to iterative designs and trade studies"
- Prime Military Contractor

"ACT has been very accommodating with short lead time orders. We are very appreciative since our customer has placed some pretty tough demands on us regarding delivery time of finished product"
- Tier 1 Equipment Manufacturer

"Quotes are delivered in a timely manner. Orders are acknowledged quickly. Quality is excellent and communication is exceptional. On time delivery on all orders. Overall an excellent vendor."
- ISO Certified Precision Part Manufacturer

"We're very pleased with how the project went, and look forward to doing work together in the future."
- Leading energy and communications solutions provider

"I'd say working with ACT has been one of the best experiences I've had since I started working here in 1980"
- Government Agency

"ACT responded and felt like a team member rather than just a subcontractor. This was appreciated considering the complexity of this program"
- Military Prime Communications Supplier

"It was always easy to get a hold of our key contacts to set up meetings"
- Precision Equipment Manufacturer

"ACT was very responsive and provided detailed answers to each of our questions and comments. Responses were typically provided the same day and almost within the hour, which is exactly the type of atmosphere we like to work in."
- Rapidly growing government and defense contractor

"We are very pleased with the quality of ACT's work, their attentiveness to detail and the overall experience. ACT acted like a true partner and was willing to work with us to deliver a good solution. "
- Top-tier global aerospace, and information solutions company 

"Delivery was excellent! Shipments were delivered as quoted/promised"
- Major Computer Manufacturer

"In every way the ACT team matched or exceeded our expectations- pleasure to work with."
- Global Defense and Security Supplier

"Allowing us to have direct communication with your senior level, technically savvy engineers was immensely helpful at early stages of a project where a customer is not fully certain about a variety of technical specifications"
- Innovation Company

"ACT was the only vendor we found that was willing to respond rapidly to our questions"
- Laser and electroptical system supplier

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