Air-to-Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

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Air-to-Air Heat Pipe Heat ExchangerFeatures:

  • Energy cost savings over 40%, cold or hot climates
  • No cross-contamination between isolated airstreams
  • Economically Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Quick return on investment from energy savings
  • Reduce Heating or Cooling Requirements
  • Totally passive, no moving parts or system maintenance
  • Engineered efficient & compact design

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 Areas of Applications: Dedicated Outside Air Facilities following ASHRAE 90.1 installation recommendations

  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities Air-to-air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
  • Government Facilities Labs (no cross contamination)
  • Municipal Garages (explosive atmospheres maybe present)
  • Theaters
  • Fitness Centers
  • Universities
  • Condos/Hotels
  • Food & Restaurant Facilities

Optimize Your Dedicated Outdoor Air Installations

Reduce Overall HVAC System Heating and Cooling Requirements: Size of the heating and/or cooling systems can be downsized based on our Air-to-Air heat pipe heat exchanger performance efficiency. Expensive heated or cooled air leaving a facility can now be safely recovered and passively transferred to boost HVAC systems performance.

Meet Standards & Codes: ACT’s Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers enable HVAC system designers to meet ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 90.1, increasing building comfort while saving the building owner thousands of dollars per year.

Easily Specified: ACT-HP-AAHX Series Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers feature a thin planner profile construction. The slim profile provides ease of installation in new or existing AHU equipment, industrial or commercial energy applications. Multiple, individually sealed high capacity heat pipes offer reliable lifetime performance. Each installation is sized for optimized performance for the highest practical Btu/hr transfer between air streams.

Care and Operational Costs: Since our Energy Recovery systems are totally passive (zero external electrical power to operate), your energy saving add up year after year. There are no periodic maintenance requirements are needed for typical operating conditions other than keeping the heat pipe coils free of dust and debris.

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