Thermal management solutions for the photonics industry

Photonics is the scientific study of light (photons), and Photonic devices are components that create, manipulate or detect light. The most common devices in need of advanced thermal solutions are laser diodes, high power light-emitting diodes, optical amplifiers and solar/photovoltaic cells, as these devices are dealing with ever-increasing amounts of concentrated waste heat.

End users are demanding not only that these types of components produce higher performance and increased system level capability, but also, low power consumption and high reliability. ACT’s two-phase solutions and innovative thermal engineering team are up for the challenge!


Thermal management solutions for the photonics industry, ACT creates custom solutions


Laser diode developers continue to create higher power solutions, and integrators are tasked with packaging those components into similar-sized or smaller packages. In every system, there is a power level that cannot be managed using traditional air- or water-cooled systems without increasing the space allotted to the thermal management system. When traditional cooling methods have been exhausted, passive two-phase heat transfer such as heat pipes and vapor chambers are well suited to meet the challenge of removing heat from the diode and efficiently transferring to an external heat sink. Pumped Two-Phase (P2P) is a likely choice for providing consistent temperature uniformity across the diode array.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), optical amplifiers and photovoltaics range dramatically in quantity of waste heat, but in most cases air cooling can be utilized as the ultimate heat sink. As power increases, and local metallic heat sinks become ineffective, designers turning to heat pipes find they can then effectively move the heat to larger volume external heat sinks, and see improved fin efficiencies with proper heat pipe placement. If heat flux is driving localized temperature rise, vapor chambers are considered; acting as a heat flux transformer and spreading heat to a larger fin stack.


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ACT has been servicing the Photonics industry for more than a decade, providing product design services, prototyping & testing, and full-range production. Additional resources related to the photonics industry found on our website are referenced below.

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