Isothermal Furnace Liner

ACT’s Isothermal Furnace Liners provide Precise and Repeatable Temperature Environments.

In most applications, temperature uniformity is within 0.1°C over the liner length. Energy can be saved and productivity increased because usable reaction zone length in a given furnace becomes larger than the active heater length. Two or more liners may be used in series to create multiple, individually controlled zones for special effects such as step changes in temperature profile.


Thousands of IFLs are currently in use in many critically controlled processes. Standard IFLs for operation from -60°C to 1,100°C are available in a range of sizes to fit conventional furnace bores for horizontal or vertical applications.

Custom designs and options include:

  • Flanged ends
  • Extended inner pipe
  • IFL with support rods
  • IFL with thermo well (external, internal or within the heat pipe)
  • Vacuum retort
  • Hemispherical dome end
  • Small diameter cavity
  • Calibration wells
Batch Processing of Isothermal Furnace Liners

Batch Processing of Isothermal Furnace Liners

Isothermal Furnace Liner

Isothermal Furnace Liner

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