Tekgard Environmental Control Units & Chillers

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Tekgard specializes in engineering customized thermal management solutions for military, government, and industrial applications. With over 10,000 ECUs deployed worldwide, Tekgard takes pride in providing a quality product that is reliable and capable of performing in any environmental condition. We stand ready to be your trusted partner and provide innovative solutions to your requirements!

Environmental Control Units (ECU)

ECUs are a critical piece of military infrastructure. These machines are responsible for taking in the ambient air, cooling (or heating) it, and returning the conditioned air to the controlled space, which may include shelters, base camp facilities, or command centers. This keeps the equipment at optimum temperature and humidity, as well as keeping personnel safe and comfortable during deployment.

Unlike commercial air conditioners, Tekgard ECUs are designed to be rugged. They must survive the rough terrain that the military encounters on a daily basis and they need to remain operational at the extreme temperatures and conditions to which they will be exposed. Tekgard ECUs are mobile, capable, durable, and proven solutions for environmental control needs.

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Liquid Coolers & Chillers

When it comes to keeping mission-critical equipment at optimum operating temperatures, Tekgard liquid chillers and heat exchangers are proven, with fielded heritage in dozens of deployed operations. These units deliver superior results for high-intensity workloads. Radar and missile defense programs rely on our chillers to keep their systems cool and their personnel safe. Thanks to their rugged design and build quality, Tekgard chillers can support operations anywhere in the world.

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Maintenance & Service

Serving our customers’ needs, Tekgard warranties can be custom tailored as requested by the customer. We offer extended warranties, maintenance contracts, emergency service contracts, installation of equipment on-site, and more.

  • Field Servicing, Training & Technical Manual Support
  • Repair of Repairable (ROR)/Depot Maintenance Service
  • Spare Parts & Accessories Supply

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