Tekgard Liquid Cooling & Chiller Systems

Advanced Cooling Technologies offers a line of rugged fluid cooling solutions under its Tekgard brand with capacities from 8-24kW (28,000 – 82,000 BTU/hr). When it comes to keeping mission-critical equipment at optimum operating temperatures, Tekgard brand liquid chillers and heat exchangers are proven, with fielded systems in dozens of deployed operations. These units deliver superior results for high-intensity workloads. Projects such as radar and missile defenses rely on our chillers to keep their systems cool and their personnel safe. Thanks to their rugged design and build quality, Tekgard systems can support operations anywhere in the world.

The efficient and accurate quoting process, plus the professionalism from the Tekgard Staff were appreciated.Liquid cooling is utilized for protection against overheating, and subsequent malfunction of sensitive electronics and machinery. As electronics become more powerful and more compact, the system volume decreases, and the amount of heat that needs to be removed increases. To solve this, liquid cooling usually uses a mixture of water and propylene or ethylene glycol (to prevent freezing and provide corrosion protection). This cooling fluid is then routed directly to the components that are generating heat, keeping the temperature under control and the equipment operational. Close attention is needed for the system materials selection as the cooling liquid will have strict conductivity limits. These systems are utilized in both stationary land and sea applications as well as fielded mobile units where military personnel are moving throughout a territory and therefore, the machinery and weaponry need to be mobile as well.

Tekgard® Liquid Cooled and Chiller Systems

ACT offers two types of liquid cooling systems under the Tekgard brand:

  • Liquid-to-air (LTA) systems: Rejects heat to the ambient air and provides cooling fluid at a maximum specified increase over the ambient temperature.
  • Chiller Systems: Are utilized where cooling fluid below ambient temperature is needed. These include a vapor-compression cycle to provide cold coolant even when ambient temperatures reach 60°C +(140°F).

For both types of liquid cooling, detailed engineering and design work ensures that the system will integrate seamlessly into the customer’s system. With detailed engineering, the electronics in question will receive the thermal management that they require to perform a successful mission. This is especially important for systems that utilize liquid directly in contact with electronics.


Tekgard Liquid Cooling Systems Accommodate Various System Interfaces

  • Input power: 120-480 Voltages, single or 3 phase, 50 HZ, 60 HZ, 400 HZ or DC power options
  • Power and control connections: Hard-wired or connectorized with the preferred MIL-STD connector


  • Remote Control Options
  • Soft Start Capability
  • EMI/RFI/HAEMP Compatibility: ACT regularly performs MIL-STD testing for emissions and susceptibility
  • Variable Speed Fans
  • Quick Connects for Coolant Connections
  • Custom Warranty and Field-Servicing Contracts Available

Liquid Cooling and Chiller System Applications

  • Vehicle-mounted radar system cooling
  • Counter-drone systems cooling, mobile and stationary
  • UAV ground cooling
  • Missile systems cooling
  • High-power industrial application cooling
  • RF cooling
  • Industrial controls

Military technologies such as missile defense, radar, and counter-drone systems generate massive amounts of heat, oftentimes in environments with uncommonly high ambient temperatures. Liquid cooling and chiller system technology are used to keep military personnel safe from enemy attacks, and the operability of these systems is paramount for field security. Liquid cooling systems have to be reliable and powerful enough to handle extreme workloads and harsh environments in order to prevent a critical system failure.

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Fielded Examples of Tekgard Liquid Cooling and Chiller Systems


Howler Counter-Drone System

The Coyote® Block 2 counter-drone weapon and KuRFS radar

The Howler Counter-Drone System combines the Coyote Block 2 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) with the Ku-band Radio Frequency System (KuRFS). The KuRFS radar system tracks incoming enemy drones and other aerial threats, simultaneously guiding the Coyote UAS to safely destroy these dangerous targets. The Tekgard brand chiller functions as a key part of the system, ensuring the equipment remains at the optimum temperature for reliable operation.


Ku-band Radio Frequency System

A Tekgard brand chiller unit can be found on the KuRFS; the radar system detects incoming threats, such as artillery, mortars, rockets, and drones as a valuable defensive tool for the U.S. Army. It can be used in tandem with a variety of weapons systems to destroy these incoming threats and keep military personnel safe.

The chiller provides the cooling capability that helps make this all possible.


Land-Based Phalanx Weapon System

In support of the U.S. Army’s Counter-Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar systems, Tekgard liquid chillers are used for the control stations.

ACT thermal management solutions help these systems detect and destroy incoming threats and provide early warnings of incoming attacks.


  • After understanding the system loads, including load vs. time profiles, ACT engineers will recommend capacity, flow and fluid volume parameters.
  • Based on available space, the systems will be optimized and may be separated into several modules to aid in system integration. For example, pump and control modules can be separate from the primary cooling circuit.
  • A collaboration between sales and engineering both at ACT and the customer results in a quotation for a custom-designed ECU.

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