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(For all other ACT product service or customer service requests, please call (717) 295-6061)

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Customer Care is a core value at ACT, and the service offerings under the Tekgard® brand are a manifestation of that dedication. Trust in the Tekgard brand comes not only from the quality of its products but also from its ability to support those products after deployment.

Every single ECU that ACT delivers has been tested to ensure it meets requirements and will provide long-lasting operation. Though due to the nature of military operations, it is understood that hazards seen during operations will necessitate occasional maintenance needs. ACT believes that a proactive approach to service is crucial in prolonging an ECU’s lifespan, which is why there are a variety of services available to ensure that all ECUs have the dedicated service needed to restore the units to full working order.

Field Servicing & Support

ACT service technicians are available to speak with customers over the phone to thoroughly troubleshoot the ECU’s inoperability and establish which—if any—parts need to be replaced or repaired. If a phone call alone cannot resolve the issue, a field service technician can be available to perform warranty and non-warranty work at the customer’s site to get the ECU running again. ACT’s technical specialists are known for their quick response and they have been to almost every continent on earth, working with all branches of the military. Our goal is to solve your problem, no matter the location!

Available services

  • Initial Install and start-up training
  • Remote troubleshooting support
  • Onsite technician service support
  • Servicing support for products made by other manufacturers
  • Maintenance and Emergency Support agreements

Repair of Repairable (ROR)/Depot Maintenance Service

For many customers, it is important to have the original equipment manufacturer service the products. With this in mind, ACT is able to restore ECUs at its York facility via its Repair of Repairable (RoR) service. The RoR process begins with a thorough inspection of the unit upon arrival, followed by a test of all functions. Each part change/repair is cataloged, and the unit undergoes a full production test to recertify it prior to redeployment. This RoR process restores ECUs with an added degree of quality that the controlled environment at ACT’s York facility provides.

  • Repair & Restoration of systems & accessories
  • Effective cost savings in restoring existing equipment
  • Support various manufacturers, including obsolete OEMs

Spare Parts & Accessories

For customers looking to do repair work themselves, ACT offers a spare parts service that makes it easy for its Tekgard® brand of ECUs to get the exact pieces they need.

  • OEM supplier to primes & depots
  • Expedited quotes & delivery times
  • Dedicated spare parts representatives

Training & Technical Manual Support

Training courses are available to customers who are looking for a hands-on method of confirming that their technicians and operators are equipped with the knowledge necessary to keep their ECUs operational.  Additionally, technical manuals for each available Tekgard® brand ECU are updated with every new product revision and part change. These manuals provide customers and end-users with detailed background information on their ECUs, including product care and safety practices.

  • Systems familiarization & certification training
  • Technical writing for system-level operations & maintenance

Tekgard® Product Assistance:

Service Support: (717) 542-4767  or
(For all other ACT service or customer service requests, please call (717) 295-6061)

Spare Parts:
(717) 854-0005 (x283)  or

York Location Quality Assurance:
(717) 854-0005 (x225)  or

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