Test Rigs

Advanced Cooling Technologies has completed numerous projects in both its Research Development group and Product Development group for customers for a variety of purposes. Our engineers are well equipped to design and build full custom systems utilizing a variety of thermal technologies.

P2P Test Carts

Applications for Pumped Two Phase (P2P) systems include cooling high heat fluxes, and maintaining an isothermal surface over large areas.   Additional benefits include lower flow rates, and lower pumping power, often with improved Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).  Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. offers custom pumped two phase cooling systems for all markets.  ACT will handle all of the design and engineering, and deliver robust turnkey solutions.  Applications include electronics cooling, high power electronics cooling, and Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) cooling.  Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers work with our customers to identify their needs and then develop the complete system including: pumps, radiators, accumulators, chillers, cold plates, fans, fluid lines, filters, and controls.  Once the design is complete we can either provide detailed plans for customer sourcing or quote fabrication and installation of the entire system.

Test Systems

  • Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) (Flammability Test System):  The hot surface ignition (HSI) of flammable liquids aboard aircraft presents risk to the aircraft and personnel.  ACT has developed a custom hot surface ignition test apparatus to provide a systematic evaluation of the key parameters that lead to HSI events.
  • Clothing Flammability Test System for Evaluating Protective Clothing near Jet Engines: A custom test apparatus has been developed for the Air Force to evaluate the thermal behavior of fabrics near jet engines, subject to both convective and radiative heat loads, as well as open flames.  The automated test hardware was developed to allow for testing against established test standards, including ISO 17492, ASTM D 4108-82, and ASTM F 1939-99a.

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