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ACT offers a complete range of thermal engineering services – everything from initial concept generation to product design to high volume production of a fully integrated thermal management solution – and everything in-between. We’re committed to serving our customers by providing the services they truly need. Our experienced engineering team and leading-edge technology developers enable us to offer a broad range of services at a consistently high-quality level. Further, because we operate under an efficient, disciplined program management structure, we can offer these services at very competitive prices. In all cases, we maintain strict confidentiality to protect our customer’s valuable information.

We offer a variety of Thermal Management Products and Services including:

Thermal Management Consulting

ACT’s thermal engineering experts have helped guide clients in the military, telecommunications, medical equipment, manufacturing and aerospace industries to a variety of effective and cost-effective thermal solutions. Using our extensive product development and manufacturing experience, we offer feasibility studies to generate and evaluate potential thermal management solutions from many important aspects including: cost, performance, manufacturability and reliability. We can help you save time and avoid costly delays at the end of your project by identifying the correct thermal solution upfront. We can do a trade study to determine which of multiple potential thermal solutions offers the best performance and value.

Design and Analysis

ACT has a staff of thermal engineers who are fully competent in both CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and heat transfer analysis. Our thermal engineers are fluent in commercial software packages and can also create or modify computational codes as required. ACT uses SolidWorks and Pro-E as its CAD software. ACT’s thermal engineering professionals have simulated thermal phenomena at all lengths and scales including the atomic (Ab Initio, Molecular Dynamics), microscopic (Boltzmann Transport Equation, Phase Field Modeling) and macroscopic (CFD, FEA).

ACT also develops custom codes for analyses involving multiple phases and components, including: heat pipes, heat sinks, vapor chambers two-phase boiling flows, thermal storage using Phase Change Materials and chemical reaction mechanisms. ACT is well-versed in creating simple and complex geometric models and detailed drawings for manufacturing. ACT can input or output various file types to ensure a seamless transition between our customers’ software. Whether it’s a simple heat sink extrusion or a high heat flux pumped two-phase loop, our engineers can design and specify a solution that is appropriate for your project and budget.

ACT has cutting edge design tools for advanced thermal design and analysis


Along with our in-house volume manufacturing, we offer custom thermal management component and system prototyping. We offer high quality, fast turnaround on heat pipes, vapor chambers, as well as full solutions including integration with Thermoelectric coolers, power electronics laser devices, etc. Along with passive thermal solutions such as heat pipes and phase change materials, ACT also builds thermal storage devices, pumped liquid and two-phase systems.


ACT has in-house volume manufacturing operations that are certified under ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D quality standards.  Check out ACT’s quality system certifications and our customer service commitment on the ACT Quality and Customer Testimonials pages.  We have a heat pipe manufacturing line that produces >250,000 heat pipes annually which are then integrated into a variety of thermal management devices for military, aerospace, and commercial applications.

ACT manufactures some solutions which are subject to U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Commerce export regulations and follows export controls laws as contained in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR), among other U.S. Government export control laws and requirements.

Product Testing

Our laboratory includes a host of testing and characterization equipment from standard data acquisition systems to high temperature and high heat flux testing metrology equipment. Our experienced quality-conscious technicians ensure all testing is performed in accordance with industry standards.

FIELD SERVICING & SUPPORT- ECU and Chiller Technology

ACT service technicians are available to speak with customers over the phone to thoroughly troubleshoot the ECU’s inoperability and establish which—if any—parts need to be replaced or repaired. If a phone call alone cannot resolve the issue, a field service technician can be available to perform warranty and non-warranty work at the customer’s site to get the ECU running again. ACT’s technical specialists are known for their quick response and they have been to almost every continent on earth, working with all branches of the military. Our goal is to solve your problem, no matter the location!

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