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Sealed Enclosure Cooling from 1000-5000 Watts

  • High efficiency and compact air conditioners designed for sealed enclosures; Harsh Environment Capability (IP55)
  • This compact product line features plug-and-play capability which ensures fast and effective set-up. A flanged design is incorporated for convenient through-wall (or cabinet door) mounting
  • The closed-loop cooling system protects equipment from harsh environments, with an adjustable cabinet air temperature setpoint from 20°C to 40°C
  • BLDC motor technology enables variable speed control for both fans and compressor (Only for DC models)
  • 1-Year Warranty (see ACT’s Terms and Conditions) with an expected 10 year lifetime

VCC Air Conditioner Products

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   Part Number Cooling Capacity @35°C /35°C Voltage (type) Weight: lbs. (kg) Height Width Depth **
1000W 48V*   (DC) 46 (21) 31.22″ (793mm) 15.00″ (381mm) 6.89″ (175mm)
2000W 220-240V (AC) 71 (32) 29.33″ (745mm) 17.52″ (445mm) 7.87″ (200mm)
3000W 48V*   (DC) 104 (47) 45.30″ (1150mm) 19.09″ (485mm) 8.86″ (225mm)
5000W 220-240V (AC) 154 (70) 51.18″ (1300mm) 23.62″ (600mm) 11.81″ (300mm)

ACT-VCC Series Price RangeNotes:
*DC units are wired for Negative 48 Volt connection.
** Insertion Depth: all models extend 1.77”/45mm into the enclosure


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Environment Indoor or Outdoor Use
Electrical Configuration  220-240VAC and -48VDC
(all units arrive with bare lead wires)
Seal Rating IP55
VCC Housing Powder-coated steel: Dark Grey (Ral 7043)
Mounting Options Designed for door mounting, but can mount to side or back walls if accessible
Operating Temperature Range: -15°C to +55°C (5°F to 131°F)
Display LED
Refrigerant R134a

1000 Watt Air Conditioner Spec Sheet
2000 Watt Air Conditioner Spec Sheet
3000 Watt Air Conditioner Spec Sheet
5000 Watt Air Conditioner Spec Sheet

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Ideal applications for ACT's VCC line of sealed enclosure coolers


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