Enclosure Cooling Videos

Install Guide: ACT Heat Sink Cooler (HSC)

ACT Sealed Enclosure Cooling: Thermoelectric Cooling for Precision Equipment

ACT Sealed Enclosure Cooling: Heat Pipe Coolers

ACT Sealed Enclosure Cooling: Vapor Compression Air Conditioners for Rugged Environments

ACT Sealed Enclosure Cooling: Heat Sink Cooling For Compact Cabinets

Thermal Management Solutions for Data Centers

WEBINAR: Keeping Your Control Electronics Cabinets Cool, Clean and Operational

Webinar: What are my enclosure cooling options?

WEBINAR: Cooling High-Power Electronics Cabinets

NEW Enclosure Cooling Selection Tool Tutorial

High Powered Air Conditioners for Sealed Enclosure Coolers

Sub-Ambient Cooling I Air Conditioners for High Powered Cooling of Power Electronics Cabinets

Passive and Active Two Phase Cooling for Power Electronics (41 min Webinar)

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ACT’s Enclosure Coolers – Tried, Tested, Trusted (2 min)

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Enclosure Coolers vs. Air Conditioners (90 sec)

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Reliable Enclosure Cooling Without Refrigerating Your Industrial Control Systems (23 min Webinar)

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ACT Heat Pipe Coolers

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ACT Heat Sink Coolers

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Enclosure Cooling: Determining Enclosure Heat Load

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Enclosure Cooling: Heat Sink Cooler Installation

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Introduction to Sealed Enclosure Coolers

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ACT Thermoelectric Coolers

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