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ACT Sealed Enclosure Cooling Products prevent overheating in Control Cabinets while keeping dirt, dust, debris and water out:

 Helping you keep your cabinet cool, while maintaining your NEMA rating.

We understand your need for quick and cost-effective solutions, click above to quickly order online. For help selecting the right enclosure cooler for your cabinet, our design selection tool leverages background engineering logic for the perfect fit.


So, how are you keeping your control cabinets cool and clean? View ACT's full line of sealed enclosure coolers

Industry appeal

A wide range of industries use electronic equipment such as variable frequency drives (VFDs), transformers and power modules for various applications, many of which are essential to vital business operations. No matter how they’re used, all these
pieces of equipment share common aspects — one of which is susceptibility to damage from contaminants, high temperatures, humidity and corrosive environments.

ACT Sealed Enclosure Coolers- Great for remote locationsBusinesses,
government agencies and other entities are increasingly using sensitive electronic devices in settings that can introduce dirt, debris, moisture and other contaminants into the electronic system, potentially compromising its reliability. To protect
equipment from physical harm, manufacturers typically house electronics in metal enclosures, which also protect personnel from electrical dangers.

While these enclosures prevent contaminants from getting to the machinery, they also create a problem of their own. Electronic equipment produces waste heat as a natural byproduct of its operation, in varying degrees depending on its efficiency.

RELIABLE: No one wants a motor to burn out, a relay to overheat, or a switch to get fried inside of your control cabinet– especially when it is a 3-hour trip, or more, for your technician to provide
service. (Not to mention the downtime!)


Advantages of Sealed Enclosure Cooler Technology

Protect your electronics investment User-Friendly Process Performance Products
  1. NEMA / IP rated seal
  2. No dust, dirt, water, etc. will enter enclosure
  3. Economically: high performance vs cost
  1. Easy installation
  2. Reliable / Long Lasting
  3. Selection Tool & Online Order
  1. Proven Cooling Capacity
  2. Backed by ACT’s Quality standards & warranty
  3. Customization available, supported by experienced engineers

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The Solution to Overheating Control Cabinets

In some environmental conditions, external sources also expose cabinets and their internal components like IGBTS, control circuits, motor drives, switches, etc. to heat. The cabinets that protect the electronics from damage caused by foreign objects
unfortunately also hinder the dissipation of heat. When temperatures rise as a consequence, the heat can cause the electronics to operate sub-optimally, and often this leads to severe damage to the electrical equipment over time.

To avoid this damage and the costs that come with it, companies need to invest in sealed industrial enclosure cooling solutions, which reduce the temperatures inside enclosures to a level at which the devices inside can reliably

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association, or NEMA, has established standards for how effectively electrical enclosures protect what they contain. Our enclosure cooling systems meet NEMA standards 12, 3R, 4 and 4X.

How sealed does your cabinet stay with Enclosure Coolers?


Need a Custom Solution?

We have experienced engineers and full-service manufacturing operations to provide a cooling solution for your overheating cabinet, as well as provide superior customer service from the time of order through installation!

If our selection tool does not offer a readymade unit, ACT’s engineering staff is well-equipped to offer assistance. At Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with the best thermal management solution to
fit your needs: from custom options on our standard models (think custom paint color, different material options, or any other needs) to full custom designs to meet your particular custom cabinet cooling application.


Our EC Selection tool will help you pick the correct model for your cabinet, and we always have our Technical Sales team only a
phone call away! Reach out to ACT  to get a hold of ‘The Thermal Experts.’

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