ACT-TEC-90 (90 Watt Thermoelectric Cooler)

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ACT-TEC-90 (90 Watt Thermoelectric Cooler)




The ACT-TEC-90, 90 Watt Thermoelectric Cooler is a compact solid state air conditioner. It cools the internal enclosure space with highly reliable Peltier cooling technology. The Peltier cooling cycle involves no moving parts, compressors, CFC refrigerants or circulating liquid. The ACT-90 features a very long life as it is not vulnerable to refrigeration leaks. It exceed the rugged industrial requirements of operating twenty four hours per day, seven day per week. In addition, ACT has chosen the industry’s most durable fans with over 100,000 hours of continuous operation. Insertion depth is only 3.10″/7.87cm.

Dimensions: 15.24cm L x 17.78cm W x 33.02cm H

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 13 in


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