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Posted on Sep 06th, 2022

Development and Testing of a Thermal Battery Utilizing Concrete and Thermosiphons for Power Plant Flexibilization

CLEARWATER CLEAN ENERGY, Florida, USA, Project: Concrete Energy Storage. August 2022 In collaboration with Lehigh University
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Posted on May 23rd, 2022

CO2 conversion to syngas via electrification of endothermal reactors: Process design and environmental impact analysis

Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 265, 1 August 2022, 115763
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Posted on Feb 01st, 2022

Techno-Economic Assessment of Carbon-Based Nanofluid Dispersions in Solar Stills for Rural Coastal Locations in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

Sain Kiran Hotaa, Carlos Mata-Torres, Jese Miguel Cardemilb, Gerardo Diaz, "Techno-Economic Assessment of Carbon-Based Nanofluid Dispersions in Sola." Desalination and Water Treatment, doi: 10.5004.
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