Loop Thermosyphon

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Posted on Feb 15th, 2023

Development of a Large-Scale Thermosyphon for Cooling the Fault Management System of a MW-Scale Electric Aircraft

Presented at AIAA SciTech Forum - 23-27 January 2023, National Harbor, MD & Online - AIAA SCITECH 2023 Forum - by Jeff Diebold, Brett Leitherer, Calin Tarau, and Kuan-Lin Lee
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Posted on Nov 04th, 2022

Electric Aircraft Thermal Management Using a Two-Phase Heat Transport System with Solid-State Thermal Switching Capability

Presented by Jeffrey Diebold, Calin Tarau, Kuan-Lin Lee, and William G. Anderson, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., Lancaster, PA, 17601, Rodger W. Dyson, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, 44035
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Posted on Sep 06th, 2022

Development and Testing of a Thermal Battery Utilizing Concrete and Thermosiphons for Power Plant Flexibilization

CLEARWATER CLEAN ENERGY, Florida, USA, Project: Concrete Energy Storage. August 2022 In collaboration with Lehigh University
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Posted on Aug 03rd, 2022

Experimental and Modelling Analysis of a Large-Scale Two-Phase Loop Thermosyphon

Proceedings of the ASME 2022 Heat Transfer Summer Conference, SHTC2022. July 11-13, 2022, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Debraliz Isaac Aragones, Chien-Hua Chen, Justin A. Weibel, David M. Warsinger, Richard W. Bonner
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Posted on May 02nd, 2022

Demonstration of a Passive Loop Cooling Tower

Ojas Govardhan, Chien-Hua Chen, Josh Charles, Sean Hoeing, Mike Ellis, and Richard Bonner. "Demonstration of a Passive Loop Cooling Tower" Cooling Technology Insititute. 2022 Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference. Paper No: TP22_11 Category: Dry Cooling.
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Posted on Aug 24th, 2021

Loop Thermosyphon Design for Solar Thermal Desalination

Josh Charles and Nathan Van Velson, 5-6th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC), pages 239-248. (video presentation included).
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Posted on Jan 15th, 2021

Modeling of a Loop Thermosyphon Supplying Solar Energy to a Desalination Boiler

Josh Charles et al., SolarPaces, September 29, 2020, https://2020.solarpaces-conference.org/home.html
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Posted on Aug 13th, 2019

Prototype Results for a Salt Hydrate PCM Thermal Energy Storage System

Sean Hoenig et al., ASME 2019 Summer Heat Transfer Conference (HT2019), Bellevue, WA, July 15-18 2019
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Posted on Jun 20th, 2019

Performance Evaluation of a Loop Thermosyphon Based Heat-Sink for High Power SiC-based Converter Applications

Sayan Acharya, et al., IEEE: Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, June 17 2019, 1-1
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