WAHX Passive-Split Loop Thermosyphon Heat Exchanger System

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The WAHX Passive-Split Loop Thermosyphon models are active-controlled WAHXs that provide the best energy recovery in both summer and winter seasons with enhanced dehumidification, making it perfect for your commercial or industrial building design. The controlled SLT is often more cost-effective for higher flow rates, and larger coil sizes. ACT engineers are always available to evaluate your application and recommend the most cost-effective solution.

WAHX SLT version that is designed to slide into AHU with full casings, greatly reducing bypass air.

One valve is added to the vapor connecting tube for each row of the coil; usually controlled by the Building Management System (BMS). They can be used for variable air discharge air applications and/or to maximize savings while preventing overheating of the conditioned air.

  • Has 100% Reheat control
  • Each heat pipe loop is controlled by its own valve
  • Each coil row has a vertical, top to bottom header
  • Each section has a maximum allowable height of 36”, but may be stacked up to 3 units high. There are no length issues.
  • Uses the same handy WAHX selection tool



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