HiK™ Conduction Cooled Cards

VME CardsIn high performing electronics systems, every degree counts. These HiK™ frames utilize strategically placed heat pipes to move heat from source electronics to card edges or heat sinks in order to minimize temperature rise. ACT can embed heat pipes completely or partially into aluminum frames to meet the geometric constraints of your system. ACT can manufacture within an ultrathin profile allowing customers to meet thickness and weight goals without sacrificing thermal performance.


HiK™ Card frames features include:

  • Customer Required Mounting Features
  • Coatings/Platings per request
  • Multiple Standoff Heights
  • Fully embedded into minimum thickness of 0.072″ (1.83mm)
  • Thermal Conductivity > 600 W/m-K (Up to 1,200 W/m-K)
  • Lightweight

ACT is experienced with VITA specifications and can customize 3U, 6U or 9U cards to significantly increase thermal conductivity and lower electronics temperature. With ACT’s experience, Custom HiK Conduction Cards typically require only a week of engineering design and don’t affect mounting patterns, geometry or other features critical to your design. ACT supplies complete card assemblies including heli-coils , EMI gasketing and a variety of platings and coating as required.

Learn more by watching our video on HiK™ Plates here. For more information on these highly effective solutions Contact ACT.

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