Technical Papers

Efficient Poisson’s Ratio Evaluation of Weft-Knitted Auxetic Metamaterials

Published in the special issue of Textiles: Advances in Technical Textiles, by Kuan-Lin Lee and Srujan Rokkam.

Pulsating Heat Pipe and Embedded Heat Pipe Heat Spreaders for Modular Electronics Cooling

Published in the Cast Studies in Thermal Engineering Journal by Sai Kiran Hota, Kuan-Lin Lee, Brett Leitherer, George Elias, Greg Hoeschele, and Srujan Rokkam.

Demonstration of CTE-Matched Two-Phase Minichannel Heat Sink

Presented at the 22ND IEEE Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems (ITHERM), May 30 – June 2nd by ACT engineers Oveis Shaeri, Chien-Hua Chen, and Maksym Demydovych.

Progress on 3D Printed Loop Heat Pipes

Gupta, R., Chen, C-H., and Anderson, W.G., “Progress on 3D Printed Loop Heat Pipes.” Proceedings of the 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems, ICES-2021-154, 2021.

Development of a 3D Printed Loop Heat Pipe

Bradley Richard et al., 49th International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES), Boston, Massachusetts, July 7-11 2019

An Innovative Volatile Organic Compound Incinerator

Joel Crawmer et al., International Thermal Treatment Technologies (IT3), Houston, TX, March 6-8 2018

Self-Venting Arterial Heat Pipes for Spacecraft Applications

Derek Beard, William G. Anderson, and Calin Tarau, International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC), Salt Lake City, UT, July 25-27, 2016

Intermediate Temperature Fluids for Heat Pipes and Loop Heat Pipes

William G. Anderson, John R. Hartenstine, David B. Sarraf, and Calin Tarau, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., Pennsylvania, 15th International Heat Pipe Conference (15th IHPC)
Clemson, USA, April 25-30, 2010.

XGBoost-Based Model for Prediction of Heat Transfer Coefficients in Liquid Cold Plates

Presented at the 8th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (Hybrid), Partially online virtual and in person at University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA, March, 19-22, 2023 by ACT engineers Mohammad Reza Shaeri, Michael Ellis, and Andoniaina Randriambololona.