Research & Development

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. was founded in January 2003 to develop innovative thermal technologies and commercialize these innovations.  Our original focus was in two-phase thermal control.  At present, we are the only U.S. company that manufactures heat pipes and related products for cryogenic, high temperature, and space applications.  Since our founding, we have continued to develop new thermal control technologies, as well as expanding our innovations into other areas.  Our current technology portfolio includes:

  • Thermal storage systems from milli-Joule to giga-Joule
  • Higher temperature (250 to 400°C) heat pipes and loop heat pipes
  • Pressure Controlled Heat Pipe Furnaces capable of ± 5 mK control over a wide temperature range
  • High heat flux cooling (> 1000 W/cm2)
  • Capillary and mechanically pumped two-phase systems for electronics cooling
  • Advanced vapor compression systems for space and airborne systems thermal control
  • Vortex enhanced direct contact heat exchangers for HVAC applications
  • Surface engineering for erosion/corrosion protection as well as enhanced two-phase condensing heat transfer
  • Atomic-level modeling of ablation phenomena
  • Advanced catalytic combustion technologies
  • Synfuels Research

ACT’s R&D group is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment for fabricating and testing thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical devices across extremely broad spectra of dimensions, temperatures, pressures, heat fluxes, and power densities. This dedicated space in the facility includes capacity for:

  • Assortment of single and multi-phase flow heat transfer test apparatus capable of testing diverse fluids, including water, ammonia, various refrigerants, alkali metals, and nanofluids under high heat fluxes, extreme temperatures and other conditions.
  • Porosity, permeability and pore diameter measurement facility for metal wicks and woven fabrics.
  • Transient hot wire apparatus for liquid, gas and multi-phase fluid thermal conductivity measurement to ±5% accuracy.
  • Gas chromatography system capable of measuring multiple gas species down to 1ppm level.
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy instrument capable of measuring corrosion behaviors to ±0.2% accuracy.
  • High-speed data acquisition system capable of providing a 1MHz sampling rate at a 16-bit resolution.

In 2011, ACT received a Tibbetts Award from the Small Business Administration (SBA). SBA presents the awards nationally to small companies and individuals that have advanced technical innovation and economic growth through its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Examples of our recent innovations include patents and technical papers.

More examples of our Innovations can be found by clicking on the following links:

Advanced Heat Pipes and Loop Heat Pipes

Advanced Heat Pipes and Loop Heat Pipes including new working fluids, passive thermal control with variable conditions, and freeze/thaw tolerance

Advanced Coatings

Advanced Coatings for corrosion/erosion resistance, boiling enhancement, wettability control to enhance condensation, and Plasma-Enhanced CVD coatings for nanoparticles

Advanced Computational Methods and Modeling

Advanced Modeling, including ablation materials (atomic), Boltzmann transport models for semiconductors (gate level), and damage and corrosion fatigue models (macro-scale)

Advanced Heat Exchanger Technology

Advanced Heat Exchangers for applications including pulsed operation, passive thermal control of outlet streams, and direct contact for high efficiency

Combustion and Synfuels

Combustion and Synfuels, including fuel reforming for fuel cells, nano-catalysts for low temperature methanol combustion, solar power for synfuels and coal gasification

Pumped Single and Two-Phase Cooling

Pumped Single and Pumped Two Phase (P2P) Cooling have the ability to cool high powers and heat fluxes

Thermal Storage Innovations

Thermal Storage is used to smooth out thermal energy during pulsed operation and for short term storage when cooling is interrupted or unavailable

Technical Papers

Read more about ACT’s government-sponsored R&D programs

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