Custom Thermal and Mechanical Systems

Pressure Controlled Heat Pipe (PCHP) Temperature Calibrating Furnace and Controls

Pressure Controlled Heat Pipe (PCHP) Temperature Calibrating Furnace and Controls

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) designs, develops and fabricates custom fluid, thermal, and mechanical systems for its customers.  ACT will handle all of the design and engineering, and deliver a robust, turnkey solution. Once the design is complete, a detailed plan for customer sourcing can be provided or, ACT can quote fabrication and installation of the entire system. ACT has developed custom systems for applications that include:

  • Single Phase and Two-Phase Thermal/Fluid Systems
  • Vapor Compression Systems with Integrated Thermal Storage
  • Temperature Calibration Systems
  • Flammability and Hot Surface Ignition Test Systems
  • Thermal/Optical Test Systems
  • Thermal/Compressibility Test Systems
  • Avionic Box Testing System

Examples of custom fluid, thermal, and mechanical systems fabricated by ACT Include

  • Fluid Loops Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. offers a complete line of liquid cooling solutions for all markets, handling all of the design and engineering, and delivering robust turnkey solutions
  •  Test Rigs
    • High Heat Flux Spray Impingement Cooling System: A spray cooling system capable of removing 1000W/cm2 from an exposed CPU, taking single jet impingement data, with three different fluids (HFE-7000, methanol, and water).
    • Pumped Two-Phase Isothermal Cooling Test System: A second custom two-phase system was used to test two large 60 x 60 cm (2 ft. x 2 ft.) cold plates, maintaining a 25°C ± 2°C temperature across each plate.
    • Thermal Optical Test System for Laser Diode Thermal Management was developed to evaluate the thermal and hydraulic performance of microchannel coolers used in laser diode thermal management.  It also enables the optical characterization of emitted laser light for an additional alternative performance evaluation.
    • Clothing Flammability Test System for Evaluating Protective Clothing near Jet Engines: A custom test apparatus has been developed for the Air Force to evaluate the thermal behavior of fabrics near jet engines, subject to both convective and radiative heat loads, as well as open flames.  The automated test hardware was developed to allow for testing against established test standards, including ISO 17492, ASTM D 4108-82, and ASTM F 1939-99a.
    • Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) (Flammability Test System):  The hot surface ignition (HSI) of flammable liquids aboard aircraft presents risk to the aircraft and personnel.  ACT has developed a custom hot surface ignition test apparatus to provide a systematic evaluation of the key parameters that lead to HSI events.
Hot Surface Ignition Test Cart

Hot Surface Ignition Test Cart


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