Custom Single Phase Cooling Systems

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. offers a complete line of liquid cooling solutions for all markets.  Whether it’s a dielectric coolant loop for high power electronics testing, a PAO loop for avionics, or a food grade stainless steel process cooler, we can handle all of the design and engineering and deliver robust turnkey solutions.

Many of our systems use commercial off the shelf (COTS) components; for cost effective, short turn-around solutions.  Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers work with our customers to identify their needs and then develop the complete system including: pumps, radiators, chillers, cold plates, fans, fluid lines, filters, and controls.  Once the design is complete we can either provide detailed plans for customer sourcing or quote fabrication and installation of the entire system.

Many companies offer various components of complete thermal management systems, ACT does the entire system level design and analysis required to make sure all of the individual components work together to meet your specific requirements.  We specify and integrate all of the components to assure flow rates, pressure drops, serviceability, structural and thermal requirements are all met in a robust, long-life cooling system.

Custom P2P test rigs for cold plate evaluation that ACT has designed and fabricated include:

Single Phase Liquid Cold Plate Test SystemA test system was developed to provide a full thermal and hydraulic performance evaluation of single-phase cold plates with different internal designs, to enable the down selection of the optimal cold plate for a given set of operating conditions.

ISS JEMS Module Fluid Control Loop Simulator: A Fluid Control Unit was developed to simulate the JEMS thermal fluid test loop on the ISS.  The unit provides temperature, pressure and flow control.  A vacuum pump and accumulator allows the user to evacuate and charge their unit.

Custom Thermal, Fluid, and Mechanical Systems


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