ACT Announces Additional Flight Heritage with Products On-Orbit

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) ( announced today that its Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHP’s) have been successfully operating in a commercial satellite on-orbit for over 2400 hours combined. The CCHP’s are providing thermal management on-board the satellite which was launched on November 30, 2009. Orbital Sciences Corporation, who manufactured and tested the spacecraft, confirmed that the CCHP’s are operating as designed.

“This is a significant milestone for our Aerospace Products Group,” says Dr. Jon Zuo, President and Chief Technical Officer of ACT. “It demonstrated our ability to design and manufacture thermal control products for mission critical systems”.

ACT decided to enter the Spacecraft Thermal Control product market in 2006, based on its strategy of being a manufacturer of high-technology content thermal management products. Since then, ACT has experienced strong growths in this product area. With this and several planned spacecraft launches in the coming year, ACT continues on its path to becoming a trusted supplier in the Spacecraft Thermal Control Market.

About ACT ACT specializes in advanced thermal technology development and custom thermal product manufacturing. ACT designs and manufactures heat pipes, pumped liquid and two-phase loops and thermal storage devices for customers in aerospace, military, commercial, and government R&D sectors.

ACT’s team consists of personnel with established track records in technology development, commercialization and production. Many of them were involved in pioneering work on heat pipes, loop heat pipes and other two-phase heat transfer devices. They are the inventors/coinventors on more than sixty U.S. and international patents and the authors/co-authors of more than three hundred fifty scientific publications.

ACT’s Facility measures approximately 29,500 square feet, including office, laboratory and manufacturing spaces. It is capable of performing complex design, analysis, manufacture and testing work including CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), FEA (Finite Element Analysis), 3-D solid modeling, vacuum processing, high temperature materials processing, and high heat flux testing. This facility has produced thermal hardware with the following operating ranges:

  • Temperatures: from -150 to 1,100°C.
  • Pressures: from 10-9 torr to 10,000psi.
  • Heat fluxes: to 1,500W/cm2.
  • Heat load: from less than 1W to 540kW.

ACT is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards for terrestrial applications and AS9100-B standards for aerospace applications.

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