ACT Announces New R&D Contract Awards and Expands Technical Diversity

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – Oct 25, 2010.  Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has announced 19 new government R&D awards.  These include R&D contracts for core thermal management/electronics cooling research as well as the development of new thermal technologies.  Awarding agencies include NASA, DOE, DoD (DARPA, MDA, NAVY), and NSF.

According to Dr. Howard Pearlman, Manager of the Technology Development Group “It’s an exciting time for ACT.  I am delighted that our sponsors remain strongly committed to our R&D programs.  We will continue to provide efficient and creative solutions for a wide range of thermal management and electronics cooling applications and have been aggressively expanding our core technical strengths.  Sponsoring agencies now look to us for innovative approaches in both thermal and other emerging technologies.”

Awarded R&D projects in thermal management and electronics cooling include: (1) spacecraft thermal management, (2) advanced microchannel heat sinks for high heat flux electronics cooling, (3) high performance Active Cooling Modules (ACM’s), and (4) high power laser cooling.

New areas of research include experimental and computational studies for:

(1) “Engineered” surface coatings for effective fluid transport along surfaces,
(2) High -temperature reactor development for efficient conversion of carbon dioxide into useful fuels,
(3) The development, characterization, and application of nanofluids to improve the thermal performance of traditional cooling systems,
(4)  State-of-the-art reactive molecular dynamic simulations to better understand the complex chemistry associated with polymer oxidation.

Some of these new R&D programs will be performed in collaboration with corporate and academic partners that include: Pennsylvania State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Lehigh University, Villanova University, University of Texas Arlington and North Carolina State University.

Dr. Pearlman concluded by stating “We look forward to successfully completing these programs as well as the opportunity to further expand our technical horizons.”

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