ACT Enclosure Coolers Successfully Certified to UL50E for NEMA 4, 3, 3R, and 12 Installations

Enclosure CoolersLancaster, Pennsylvania – July 12, 2016.  Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) announces the successful certification of the HPC and HSC sealed enclosure cooling product lines to the NEMA (UL50E) standard. This standard tests enclosures with electrical equipment and their environmental considerations.  The testing took place at the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) test facility in Melville, New York.

During the test, a sample electrical equipment enclosure with an ACT enclosure cooler installed was subjected to a stream of water from a hose having a 1.0 inch inside diameter nozzle delivering 65 gallons per minute flow rate.  The stream was directed at all joints of the enclosure cooler from a distance of 10.0 feet and was moved along each seam at a nominal rate of ¼ of an inch per second.  At the conclusion of the test the internal surfaces of the cabinet were examined for any water entry.  Both ACT products passed the testing by allowing no water to enter the enclosure during the test.

A successful passing of the UL50E test certifies that the HSC and HPC product lines will maintain the existing integrity when installed on a NEMA 4, 3, 3R, and 12 type cabinets.

Enclsoure Coolers 2Sealed enclosure coolers are used to dissipate heat from inside enclosures that house and protect electrical/electronic equipment from harmful external, typically wet, environments.  These cabinets are typically sealed to a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard.  For example, a NEMA 12 cabinet is for indoor use and protects against drops, dust and falling dirt, while a NEMA 4 cabinet is for outdoor use and must be water tight.  Sealed enclosure coolers are required to efficiently transfer heat from the inside space to the outside environment while maintaining a tight water tight seal.  A NEMA 3R rating is for outdoor applications that protect against falling rain.

NEMA Rating IP Rating equivalent Description
12 52 Indoor, dust tight, drip tight
4 65-66 Indoor/outdoor, hose directed water tight
4X 65-66 Same as above with corrosion resistant materials
3R 11-14 Indoor/outdoor, rain protection

ACT Enclosure Cooling Systems can be ordered directly online.  ACT provides an easy-to-use online Enclosure Cooling Selection Tool.  The tool will offer several variants based on size and mounting preferences. Once satisfied with the selection simply click on the order item link that takes you to the ACT Online Store Front.

ACT Enclosure Coolers typically ship from stock to under one week.  For full information about the ACT-HPC & HSC series please visit

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