ACT Expanding High Temperature Heat Pipe Offerings

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – August 1, 2011.  Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc (ACT) announced today that they are expanding their high temperature heat pipe products and service offerings.  For the past eight years ACT has had a successful product line of Isothermal Furnace Liners (IFLs).  These devices are used for precision materials processing and contact and non-contact temperature calibration in the temperature range of up to 1,100⁰C.  ACT is now offering high temperature heat pipes for other applications.

Typically, high temperature heat pipes are used in the temperature range of 400⁰C to 1,100⁰C.  Heat transfer rates of up to hundreds of kilowatts are achievable with these heat pipes.  “We have design and manufacturing experiences with numerous high temperature heat pipes of diverse form factors and utilizing a variety of working fluids, envelope materials, and wick structures”, noted Mr. Pete Dussinger, Vice President of Custom Products at ACT.  Typical options include Cesium, Potassium, Sodium and Lithium for working fluids, Stainless Steels, Inconels, Haynes Alloys and Refractory metals as envelope materials, and Screen Mesh and Sintered Powders as wick structures.  “We see a market need for these products across many established and emerging industries”, Dussinger continued.  High temperature heat pipes have been proven beneficial in applications including materials processing, temperature calibration, heat engine receivers, heat exchangers, heat recovery devices, hypersonic wing leading edges, thermoelectric generators, solar thermal, bio-mass reactors, nuclear power, and others.  ACT is one of the very few companies that commercially manufacture heat pipes across the temperature spectrum, from cryogenic fluids to liquid metals.  “With our strong heat pipe heritage and substantial high temperature heat pipe experience, ACT is uniquely qualified to satisfy the needs of these markets” Dussinger concluded.

ACT’s high temperature heat pipes are one of the product lines designed and manufactured within its Custom Products business unit.  This business unit’s goal is to help customers solve thermal challenges by developing new products and applying existing technology to new applications.  Feasibility assessments, prototyping, low volume custom manufacturing and testing are some of the products and services available.

If you have a need for high temperature heat transfer, or would like to learn more, call an ACT representative today.


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