ACT is Developing Heat Pipe Loops to Passively Cool Fiber Lasers

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – November 17, 2014. Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) announced that they are continuing to develop their Heat Pipe Loop (HPL) technology to cool fiber lasers for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). The goal is to maintain the temperature of the fiber below a threshold value and in turn improve reliability, lifetime, and point stability. At the laser system level, improved fiber thermal management enables operation at overall higher powers. ACT’s heat pipe loop technology can passively handle high heat fluxes and dissipate the heat at a remote heat sink location, as needed.

Important to note is that ACT’s HPL technology can accommodate multiple evaporators. In previous work for the Department of Defense, ACT demonstrated a two evaporator system (evaporators connected in parallel). The dual-evaporator HPL was able to successfully handle transient thermal loads including non-uniform heat inputs applied to each of the evaporators.

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