ACT Launches a New HiK™ Aluminum Plate Product Line

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – April 14, 2008 – Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc. (ACT) has developed and launched a new product line of High Thermal Conductivity (HiK™) Aluminum Plates for commercial and military electronics cooling.

ACT’s HiK™ Alumnum Plate has embedded heat pipes for enhanced heat spreading and transport. Heat spreaders are used in many military and commercial electronic systems to collect and move heat from multiple, discrete heat sources to edge mount liquid or air heat sinks. The temperature gradients incurred in the heat transport need to be minimized to ensure the best cooling performance. This requires the heat spreader to have high thermal conductivities.

Traditional aluminum and copper heat spreaders have thermal conductivities between 180 and 380 W/m-°C. By embedding high-conductance heat pipes into aluminum plates, ACT’s HiK™ Alumnum Plates provide effective thermal conductivities that are several factors higher than the traditional aluminum or copper plates. The layout of the embedded heat pipes is often optimized for each application for the highest cooling performance. For example, a higher concentration of heat pipes may be embedded in areas on the plate where large heat sources are located.

ACT has designed and manufactured HiK™ Aluminum Plates having effective thermal conductivities between 500 and 800 W/m-°C. This performance is equivalent to some high end composite materials that are much more expensive to produce.

Compared to ACT’s Vapor Chamber Heat Pipe products, the HiK™ Aluminum Plates are lower in both performance and cost. Electronic cooling designers often choose between the two products based on the performance and cost considerations.

Both the HiK™ Aluminum Plate and the Vapor Chamber Heat Pipe products are managed by ACT’s Engineering Services & Products Group.

ACT is a developer and manufacturer of advanced heat pipes, pumped liquid and two-phase loops, and thermal storage devices. ACT specializes in technology development and custom thermal product design and manufacturing. ACT’s technologies have been used in applications from spacecraft thermal control to catalytic reactor cooling to medical surgery temperature control. ACT currently serves customers worldwide in Aerospace, Military, Commercial, and Government R&D markets. Many of these customers are in the Fortune Global 500 list.


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