ACT Launches Aerospace Products Group

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – May 19, 2006 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., has been manufacturing products for the aerospace industry for the past three years, and now the company is ready to make it official by launching its Aerospace Products Group.

“With the rapid growth and focus on more activity in the aerospace market, this was the right time to launch a division for aerospace products,” says ACT President Jon Zuo.

The emphasis of the new Aerospace Products Group will be in providing cost-effective, two-phase thermal control products to the commercial, military and government aerospace markets. Utilizing the extensive experience of ACT’s highly specialized design engineers, the company has introduced products specifically for the aerospace market, including Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHP) and Variable Conductance Heat Pipes (VCHP).

As Zuo notes, the aerospace environment differs greatly from the environment on earth, where heat can be dissipated into the air. In space, heat must be collected, transported and dissipated through highly specialized means. With increased interest in space exploration and travel, including the potential for space tourism, thermal controls are more critical than ever.

The Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHP) produced by ACT transport heat from a heat source to a heat sink with a very small temperature difference. Heat can be transported in either direction and are used to transfer heat from specific thermal loads to a radiator panel or as part of an integrated radiator panel.

The Variable Conductance Heat Pipes (VCHP) utilize specially designed gas reservoirs to provide passive temperature control in a wide variety of operating conditions.

In addition, ACT’s Aerospace Products Group is developing advanced thermal products for next generation spacecraft thermal control. Among these advanced products are titanium/water heat pipes for high temperature thermal control of 70 to 250°C, intermediate temperature heat pipes for 200 to 450°C and heat pipe exchangers for manned spacecraft thermal control.

ACT is a developer and manufacturer of advanced heat pipes, pumped single and two-phase loops and thermal storage devices. ACT specializes in technology development and custom thermal product design and manufacturing for worldwide customers in aerospace, military, electronics, medical equipment, energy systems, calibration and government R&D markets. ACT’s technologies have been used in a wide range of applications from spacecraft thermal control to catalytic reactor cooling to medical surgery temperature control.

ACT is located at the Burle Business Park at 1046 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The newly expanded 11,400-square foot ACT facilities includes office, laboratory and manufacturing spaces, with capabilities for performing complex design, analysis manufacture and testing. The company’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.


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