ACT Launches Heat Pipe Calculator and Design Guide Webpages

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – June 14, 2011. Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT), a leader in thermal solutions for commercial, military and aerospace markets, announced today that they have added two new webpages to assist engineers in utilizing copper-water heat pipes.

The first page, ACT’s Heat Pipe Calculator, provides design engineers with a resource to quickly and easily determine the amount of power a particular heat pipe can transfer. The calculator uses standard wick structures and envelope thicknesses and outputs performance curves for copper-water heat pipes of different diameters. For more complex and challenging designs, contact an ACT representative directly. But for first cut thermal design, ACT’s Heat Pipe Calculator will give quick feedback on the amount and size of heat pipes needed in your design.

The second page is ACT’s Heat Pipe Design Guide. One of the advantages of heat pipes is their design flexibility. This webpage explains several methods used to integrate heat pipes into assemblies. It discusses bending and flattening of heat pipes as well as attachment techniques and testing recommendations. Once again these values are guides to heat pipe design, the best resource is to contact a member of the ACT team for a workable heat pipe solution.

Copper-Water heat pipes are typically used in electronics cooling or other systems to isothermalize a surface or to transfer heat to an external heat sink. Heat pipes are often coupled with other components to form heat transfer assemblies. ACT regularly embeds heat pipes in aluminum plates to improve the bulk conductivity of aluminum (See HiK Plate). Please contact a member of the ACT team when considering using heat pipes. We can provide even more information on design optimization, integration, and manufacturing.

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