ACT Launches HiK™ AlSiC Plate Product

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – June 15, 2009 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has recently launched a HiK™ AlSiC Plate product for high power electronics cooling applications.

The HiK™ AlSiC Plate is an addition to the HiK™ Plate product line manufactured by ACT. It is made of aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC) with embedded heat pipes. Typical effective thermal conductivity ranges from 500 to 800 W/m-K, depending on the plate dimensions and heat source profiles. Other products in this product line include the HiK™ Aluminum Plates.

By controlling the composition of the Al and SiC, the CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) of the HiK™ AlSiC plate can be tailored to match that of the electronic device. This allows direct attachment of the electronic device to the HiK™ plate, eliminating the need for stress compensating thermal interface materials and consequently reducing the thermal interface resistance.

Traditional aluminum and AlSiC plates have thermal conductivities of 180W/m-K and 200W/m-K, respectively. Embedding heat pipes in the plate increases the effective thermal conductivity by several factors, without negatively affecting its mass, strength or corrosion resistance.

The low density of AlSiC (3 grams/cm3) makes it particularly suitable for cooling of portable/hand held devices, avionics and spacecraft payloads. Potential applications include: IGBT Heat Spreaders, Antenna Enclosures, Microprocessor Heat Spreaders/Sinks, and High Power Lasers and LEDs.

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