ACT Provides Thermal Management Design for New LED Theater Lighting Product

ETC’s Source 4WRD LED Module which utilizes ACT thermal management design

ETC’s Source 4WRD LED Module which utilizes ACT thermal management design

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – February 2, 2016. Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) announced today that it provided thermal management design for Electronic Theater Controls’ (ETC) recently launched Source 4WRD LED Theater Lighting Retrofit Module.  The Source 4WRD uses LED Technology to match the performance of the 575W HPL Lamp, with 70% less power and no re-lamping.  However LEDs generate a lot of waste heat and the higher source temperatures can cause unwanted color shifts and reduced life.  That’s where the Thermal Management Experts at ACT came in.  Working with Dave Cunningham of Entertec, ACT helped develop a completely passive thermal management solution to move the heat away from the LEDs.

According to Dr. Richard Bonner, Mgr of ACT’s Commercial Products Group, “This was a challenging thermal management design.  We were required to come up with a heat pipe based solution that could continuously and rapidly transfer over 100W away from the LEDs in any lamp orientation. Through a lot of hard work and good collaboration with Cunningham and ETC, we were able to accomplish that goal.”

Dave Lincecum, VP of Marketing for ETC stated, “Working with the ACT Thermal Engineers, we were able to develop a reliable thermal management solution that allows our theater lighting customers to take advantage of the many benefits of LED technology.”

ACT has provided thermal management solutions for over a decade to many other commercial and military applications.  For more information please visit us at LED Thermal Management.

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