ACT Takes Six Projects to SBIR/STTR Phase II Level

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – March 24, 2006 – Since its start in 2003, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has done what few other companies have been able to do: They have been approved for nine Phase I SBIR/STTR projects, with all six of the completed projects proceeding to the Phase II Level.

The SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program and the STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) program are highly competitive programs through the enactment of the 1982 Small Business Innovation Development Act, with the objective of encouraging small businesses to explore new technologies with the incentive of profiting from commercial development.

ACT has been able to meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the SBIR program as an American-owned and independently operated for-profit business, with the company size limited to 500 employees.

As a developer and manufacturer of heat pipes, pumped liquid and two-phase loops and thermal storage devices, ACT’s products and technologies have been used in temperature ranges from -150 to 1,100°C, for applications that include space craft thermal control, catalytic reactor cooling and medical surgery temperature control.

Since 2003, ACT has applied for and been awarded nine Phase I grants for projects for the U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, Missile Defense Agency, Department of Energy and NASA. Of those Phase I projects, six have been completed and all six have proceeded to Phase II status, which awards up to $750,000 in contracts and up to two years toward expanding research, continuing R&D work and evaluating the potential for commercialization.

Through these projects, ACT is developing a variety of advanced thermal technologies including heat exchangers with passive temperature control, thermal buses capable of cooling discrete heat sources, heat spreaders capable of high heat fluxes, chemical reaction based heat storage, and high temperature heat pipes. These technologies have potential applications in future military, aerospace and commercial systems.

ACT is located at the Burle Business Park at 1046 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The newly expanded 11,400-square foot ACT facilities includes office, laboratory and manufacturing spaces, with capabilities for performing complex design, analysis manufacture and testing.

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