ACT takes pride in our decade-long partnership with GE Healthcare. During this current crisis, GE Healthcare is leading the fight against COVID-19, in the areas of diagnostic and treatment equipment. ACT is supporting GE by providing critical thermal management products to ensure their success!

Following collaborative engineering, extensive testing and manufacturing process improvements, ACT has been supplying GE Healthcare, for nearly ten years, advanced thermal management products that allow their CT detectors to operate with improved image quality and diagnostic accuracy. GE Healthcare has seen a surge in need from medical facilities around the country for their CT imaging equipment for diagnosing cases of Coronavirus. Earlier in March, GE formally designated ACT an essential supplier, on the basis that “ACT’s products are directly used in the production of CT imaging equipment which is used in the diagnosis of COVID19”.

As an “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce” facility, ACT is continuing its operation under Enhanced Employee Protection Measures. These measures include remote working whenever possible, daily health surveys, segregated work zones, and frequent facility-wide cleaning.

ACT continues to stand by GE Healthcare and other essential companies in the fight against COVID-19. Through innovative research and strong partnerships, we can overcome this challenge together!ACT employees follow social distancing procedures while working


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