Advanced Cooling Technologies Aluminum-Ammonia Heat Pipe Space Flight Heritage

Constant Conductance Heat Pipes

Lancaster, PA, June 24, 2019 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) announced today that their CCHP products have reached 35 Million Hours of Space Flight Operation. Numerous satellites carrying ACT hardware have launched over the past two (2) years, bringing ACT’s total flight heritage for Aluminum-Ammonia CCHPs to:

  • 35 Million Hours of Operation
  • 700+ Heat Pipes in Orbit
  • Zero Failures

“Our CCHP production line has been operating efficiently, allowing us to meet tight schedules and deliver high quality, flight-worthy parts to our customer base” stated Jared Montgomery, ACT’s Lead Engineer and Program Manager for CCHP Production.

“ACT would like to thank our satellite industry partners for their support and continued trust in our manufacturing, quality, and engineering capabilities,” said Bryan Muzyka, ACT Manager, Sales & Marketing. “We value these partnerships, and look forward to years of operational success and collaborating on future hardware builds.”

A live CCHP space flight hours clock is available on ACT’s website.  ACT celebrated 25 Million Hours of Operation in June of 2018.


About ACT

ACT specializes in engineered solutions utilizing advanced thermal technology, and the development and manufacture of custom thermal products. ACT designs and manufactures HiK™ plates, heat pipes, PCM heat sinks, cold plates, pumped single-phase loops, pumped two-phase products, and custom thermal, fluid, and mechanical systems for customers in diverse markets; including Aerospace, Military, Power Electronics, Temperature Calibration, Medical Device, and Energy Recovery Systems.  For more information about ACT, please visit

Learn more about ACT’s custom thermal solutions for Aerospace here.

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