The Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium is administered by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and operates in collaboration with the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate under the Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative. Its purpose is to harness the creativity, energy, and resources of the nation to help NASA keep the United States at the forefront of lunar exploration. To find out more, sign up to participate, or access past additions of this newsletter, please visit


Looking ahead, ACT is excited about continuing to increase the TRL of their thermal management technologies for space applications. Their goal is to continue demonstrating some of their prototype technologies at larger scale, aiming to transition the technology to NASA with engineering demonstration units and hardware for incorporation into more future missions. “Performing within these types of programs we develop, demonstrate and mature technologies to a stage advanced enough such that there’s a high chance that we can stay in the process all the way to the end” said Calin Tarau, Principal Engineer in Research and Development at ACT. The team hopes that funding for spaceflight R&D continues to be upbeat to keep the momentum on development of such technologies.


ACT was featured in the member spotlight- August edition of Lunar Surface Consortium, read the full article here.

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