Combustion, Fuel Research, and Non-Thermal Plasma

The interdisciplinary research team at Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has been performing cutting-edge research in combustion, fuel, and plasma.  Figure 1 presents ACT’s research landscape on these topics.

Advanced Combustion, Fuel Research and Plasma Graphic

Figure 1. ACT’s Interdisciplinary research landscape on combustion, fuel research, & non-thermal plasma

ACT has a decade-long technical foundation in advanced combustion technologies to improve combustion efficiency and extend flammability. ACT’s expertise in thermal management and advanced modeling has been applied to several impactful fuel research works such as clean coal and solar fuel.  ACT also devotes its rich experience in non-thermal plasma in reducing greenhouse emissions and improving the performance of nanotechnologies.

Several innovations have been created based on the synergy of these three research fields. Researchers at ACT continue collaborating with others from both academic and industry to explore potential solutions that address challenges in defense, space, energy, and environmental protection-related industries.


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